UPDA International Summit 2.0


Firstly, We would like to thank our Associate Partners, Sponsors, Delegates and all our well- wishers for the support towards the first edition of UPDA International Summit 2022 that took place in August 2022 in Delhi. We are proud to have welcomed 250 delegates from different corners of the world to bring and discuss upcoming Innovations & Automation in Distillery Space in India & Globally.

The State of Uttar Pradesh has India’s largest Population with highest production of Sugarcane and Wheat – Better known as ‘Granary of Nation & Land of Limitless Opportunities ‘.

The Alco-bev and Ethanol Industry of the State is the Bright Star with over 100 Distilleries including 30 Grain Plants, both operational and upcoming this year. Production Capacity of 350 Crore Bulk Litres – Annual Potable Volume of 45 Billion Unit packs – Highest Ethanol Blending of 11.93% – Excise Revenue of $ 410 Billion in 2022-23. All leading to incredible achievements of UP and AlcoBev Industry !

On behalf of UP Distillers Association, We are glad to announce that we are coming back with the 2nd Edition of UPDA International Summit 2.0 on 28th & 29th July, 2023 in Hotel Centrum, Lucknow – UP, India. UP’s future Techade belongs to 2 Ecosystems : Technology and Grains and this shall be the comprehensive theme of this 2 day Grandeur Event in presence of UP Government officials – UP Distilleries & Sugar Industry – Connecting Global Technocrats & Innovators making presence of all decision maker under one roof. Concurrently the Event will host a Grand Exhibition & 40 Years Celebrations with Awards on UPDA’s Glorious Journey.

We cordially invite all the industry stakeholders to come and participate in this networking and knowledge sharing event. This conference will be a gathering, for people from around the world while we present, tune in to and talk about the current scenarios, latest advancements and way forward to Building a Stronger and more Sustainable Distillery – Ethanol ecosystem.

UPDA Event Organising Commitee


  • Uttar Pradesh presently has over 85 Distilleries with production capacity of nearby 350 Cr. Litres. The State caters to nearly 45% Alcohol Production & Capacity amongst Distilleries all over India – Land of Limitless Opportunities !
  • In UP specific, Government incentives and Ease of doing business have encouraged Distilleries to establish over 20 Grain Distilleries itself in a short span with 13 more Grain Distilleries expected by 2024. Overall UP is expected to have more than 20 new Distilleries (Grain + Molasses ) in next 1 year – Fastest spreading Growth !
  • Potable Alcohol dominated by Economical Indian Made Foreign Liquor branded as ‘Country Liquor’. Production / Consumption of annual 100 Million cases ~ 45 Billion Unit Packs. Mammoth numbers ! – Immense Potential !
  • Potable Liquor produced by around 28 Distilleries with top 10 Distilleries contributing over 90% production are on UPDA Board. Most other Distilleries keep active participation with UPDA Events – Strength of UPDA !
  • 2 day Grandeur Event in presence of UP Government officials – UP Distilleries & Sugar Industry – Connecting Global Technocrats & Innovators making presence of all decision makers under one roof – A Rare Networking Hub !


The Distillery Industry marches forward with advancements in technology under the aegis of UP’s Transformative success, making it a Bright star on India’s & Global Map. It’s now time for UP Distillery Industry to accelerate the growth in areas of Best Global practices in Alcohol production technologies, Innovations & Automation, New Energy Integration Techniques etc.

The Inaugural Presentations & Panel discussions will focus the best adoption & harness the above amongst Global experts by fostering collaboration between the Government, Industry & other Stakeholders. We believe UP-INDIA can emerge as a Global leader in the Alco-bev & Ethanol space in coming years.