Objectives & Vision

UP Distillers Association (UPDA) – A Brief Background

Uttar Pradesh Distillers Association (UPDA) established in 1983, serves as an apex body of the Distillery Industry. 2023 is a Milestone year as Association completes it’s 40 years historic journey. The State Government’s several departments, including Excise, Pollution, Industry, Taxation, Labour, etc., have officially recognized UPDA as the industry’s apex body. India has nearly 520 distilleries, out of which 90 distilleries are in UP, with 33 more upcoming. UPDA consists of 16 distilleries and produces over 90% of the potable Country liquor to meet the requirements of the state.

UPDA Objectives

UPDA plays the role of an interface between the members and the State/ central government authorities majorly through the primarily through its advocacy role for policy make
The association’s primary objective is to disseminate knowledge and correct information related to potable alcohol, industrial alcohol, other liquors including beer and allied and by products of distillery and brewery industry or the working of these industries etc .
The association participates in promoting, protecting, opposing, and suggesting legislation and measures related to the alcohol industry.
UPDA collects and circulate statistics and other relevant information related to the alcohol industry, which helps in the industry’s growth and development.

Another pivotal role that UPDA plays is by establishing the standards for transaction within the industry.
Member distilleries are assisted in plethora of areas like acquiring patents, trademark, design, provision of guidance for plants, machineries, equipment, and other products related to the industry.

UPDA organizes their Annual International Summit having National & International Technocrats, Experts showcasing their Latest Innovations for Distillery Industry in presence of UP Government/ Excise Officials and Industry at large.

Initiatives like Trade and Industrial Missions comprising of members, specialists, and entrepreneurs both in India and abroad, to arrange meetings with the Foreign Trade and Industrial Teams visiting India are taken by UPDA and organized.
UPDA networks with various Commerce Chambers in India & Globally to sync with latest developments and Policies.

UPDA Vision

The vision of UPDA is to create thriving and ethical distilleries industry body in Uttar Pradesh. This will be driven by innovation, cooperation, sustainable methods, aiming to bring benefits to its members, state, and the entire nation in general.
UPDA aims to place Uttar Pradesh as the leader of the distillery industry nationally and globally by innovation, strategic planning and adopting cutting edge technologies.

By fostering a conducive business environment, promoting trade, UPDA wish to enhance the industry’s growth and competitiveness.
UPDA will act as a trusted and influential voice representing the interests of members to government authorities, policymakers, and regulatory bodies by proactively engaging with the government to shape favourable policies, regulations, and incentives that support the growth and sustainability of the distillery industry.

The importance of continuous innovation and technological advancements in enhancing productivity, efficiency, sustainability within the distillery operations is recognised by UPDA.

Leveraging digitalization and automation and research collaborations, the association plans to drive advancements in alcohol and ethanol production, promoting knowledge exchange and the development of the best practices. To promote knowledge exchange and research development, UPDA plans to foster strategic partnerships and collaborations with national and international stakeholders to promote knowledge exchange, research, and development in alcohol and ethanol production.
Working in tandem with research institutes and the industry, the association will look towards enhancing crop improvement, improving maize cultivation, exploring genetically modified crops, and promoting the utilization of distillers dried grain with soluble (DDGS) in animal feed.