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PHD Chamber have now opened an elite Club with Premium catering exclusively for their Members like UPDA. The Facilities include Lunch, High Tea & BAR.

Welcome to UP Distillers’ Association

UPDA is the oldest premier Association of Distillery Industry, founded in 1983 in these past 3 decades. The Association has served as a strong interface between its distilleries Members & various state & Central Government bodies to address vital industry issues. UPDA carries out various collaborative professional activities that include organising Seminar’s & Workshops for professional from Industries, Technical Experts & regulatory bodies. UPDA makes representation to authorities on matters of Distillery Industry interests & works constantly towards upgrading the standards of services renders to its Members.

UP Distillers Association an Apex Body of Distillery Industry duly recognized by the State Government and its various departments particularly Excise, Pollution, Industry, Taxation, Labour etc. The prime objective of the Association is to look after the interests of members who are dealing in Alcohol, Industrial Alcohol, Gasohol, IMFL and Country Liquor.

For past over 3 decades of its existence, the Association has been serving in best interests of the Industry and its Members to ensure economical working of the Industry and also taking all possible steps to enhance its contribution to the State Exchequer. The Association has been all along blessed with an active participation & invaluable contributions from Distillery Owners themselves.

UPDA formulates its suggestions on key matters like Excise policy, Molasses policy, Environmental concerns etc. and addresses them with relevant Authorities on State & Central level. The team at UPDA keeps abreast with all vital industry issues. The ongoing issue on “Zero Liquid Discharge / Clean Ganga Mission” is being closely addressed with Central & State Pollutions Authorities & Members are being apprised / updated regularly. Since 2014, UPDA have revived back to conduct Bi-Annual Seminars which have attracted huge attention & appreciation not only from the Industry but with Providers & Government Authorities from Pan India. UPDA office is located at very prestigious address in PHD Chambers of Commerce where all facilities are available to Members to hold their forums.


Establish linkage with appropriate State & Central government authorities, encourage regular contact and interaction amongst the members, the policy makers, regulatory authorities and other institutions.


The Association has constituted different sub-committees for Excise & legal matters, Technical matters / Seminar & Workshops, Country Liquor, Labour, Molasses, Industrial Alcohol / Ethanol. These specialized groups identify key factors relating to development of the industry & develop strategies which impede successful execution in respective areas & overall ensure growth in the State revenue.


The Association aims to conduct periodic Training programs at grass root level aimed to have insight to routine operations & technical issues faced by Distilleries.


The Association maintains a comprehensive Data Base of Technology providers & experts pertaining to Distillery industry. The Association also updates its website to have access to information to liquor industry and maintain links on to the current developments & news.


The Association conducts vital Seminars, Biannually addressing on issues of industry importance & with presentations from technology experts on a common platform attended by Members & Industry at large.

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